Thursday, October 16, 2014

Random Horror Story(?)

The doctor asked me, "Do you hear voices?" He slightly tapped the end of the pen on the white table that we sat at. My eyes looked over at the black recorder that awaited for me to speak. "I use to hear voices." I replied. "Use to?" My answer interested him. "Yes that's correct. I use to hear them. All the time. Whispering their dark words towards me. Especially at night. That's when everything is vibrant and sometimes- I can hear them walk towards me." I smiled, "But I had to stop listening to them." He leaned back in his chair. "How did you stop them?" The words slipped out of his mouth. My tongue gently rolled over the split in my lip, "I had to destroy my mind." His body motion ceased, "What?" "You heard me." A chuckle rang threw my voice. I could hear him swallow and the eerie silence began entering in the room. "Is that the reason why you killed them?" He finally asked. "No." I smirked, "I killed them out of pleasure- doctor. I suppose with a broken mind what I enjoy is different than from what you enjoy. I enjoy mutilating bodies. You may enjoy swimming or perhaps family time. I love the smell of blood and you love the smell of food. See? Not everyone can be as normal as you." The rooms light began to flicker as I pressed my hand up against my chest, "But we both love the same things. And that is humans."