Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wow Me Wednesday

The Raven King's Wife short

The Crow could be heard from a mile away. His strong voice shrieked, scaring everyone and everything in its path. His large form shadowed over the duskiness streets as he moved. He was coming, and she knew it.

The sun was already beginning to set and the night was ready to rise. She grinned her teeth together as she set her hand on the doorknob to the back door. "Do you hear him child!?" A heavy accent woman's voice carried throughout the one story home. "Yeah, I hear him." She huffed out. Her hand turned the doorknob and she pulled the door opened. She took a step out onto the porch. Her eyes, skimming through the dark open plains. She could hear his voice getting closer. She cringed, slightly shaking her head.

Finally, she pulled her body through the door and closed it. She gave out a sigh. Perhaps, he wouldn't show up? Perhaps, he didn't need her after all on the night of the crescent moon. As soon as she turned herself to face the door, the world rattled. A gust of wind took her breath away. She began coughing and gagging for air, before looking at his void filled form. He had landed on the back of the old rocking chair. His large red eyes gazed upon her human self.

"why hello my dear~! How nice of you to finally show up!" He spoke. "Demon..." She slithered out. "Come now dear, I am only here for your blood and that is all." He said. She reached her hand down and lifted up her dress. Revealing a knife was hidden in her boot. She snatched it and held it up at The Crow. "Oh god, are you going to try and kill us again?" He chortled. "Remember what happened last time you did that? you almost killed yourself as well as me! It does no good to harm me when it's just going to harm you. Besides, restoring my strength will give you back yours. I know you're low on it."

She shook her head slightly, "I hate you." Swiftly she rolled the knife across her skin. And so the blood began to pour. She marched over to The Crow and allowed the blood to drip onto his face. It mixed into his dark coat and sweated down to his wings. His body began to grow into that of a human man with large raven wings and dark red eyes.

"Happy?" She folded her arms across her chest. He examined his arms in awe, twisting his fingers about in the air. "Of course. I am always pleased to return to a natural state." He replied. "Good! Now you don't have to bother me for another month!" She hissed. She turned around and large black wings protruded out of her back.

"Remember, I will always be able to find my beautiful wife. No matter where you run or how far you go. I will ALWAYS find you."

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

For Monty/Teaser Tuesday

Because I adorned Monty Oum, I ended up writing a side story that features him in it. Its part of this fantasy project that I began about several days ago. I hope that Rooster Teeth will see the full version of this one day and smile.

Every day he travels down from his cottage house, that sat on top of Normans Hill. Gingerly ambling down, wearing nothing but relaxing clothes. He would hum this song you see. A song that would place a smile on everyone's face.

Monday, February 2, 2015

To you

With his hands
He created

With his heart
He created

With his existence
He left a mark
On each of our hearts
That will fuel
Our creativity 
To make the world
A better place

May you have fun
Watching over us
Our trial and errors
And our lives

Monty Oum
June 2nd 1981- Feburary 1st 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015


I dont know whether I'll write this as a short story and attempt(I said attempt because I never know whats gonna happen with any story) to submit this to Basilica oooorrr write this as some casual short story. Anyway I was gonna post this for Teaser Tuesday but tuesday is way to far for me to wait and you get this now.

   Mama always told me to never stray away from the path that I was given. Especially, when

traveling through the great forest. But one sunny afternoon, I felt as if, something was

staring at me from afar, with large wicked eyes. These eyes pierced my back and made each

of my movements difficult. For the first time, I had stopped walking. Usually I rushed

along, my thoughts up in the clouds and my prayers with God that I made it safe to town

without being eaten by Spirits.

   I noticed, that the birds, who were usually in full blown sing, had ceased. The eerie

silence had settled, causing the hair on my skin to stand. My cold hands clutched the

basket of fresh raspberry bread, Mama had baked for Grandma. The longer I stood there, the

faster my heart began to pound against my chest. Hesitantly, I took a look around.

Slightly swinging my head to the left and then to the right.

   But when I turned my head to the left, there I felt the gaze. My thoughts became

jumbled- What was in the forest that was staring at me? Soon a rustling sound snatched the

noise in between my ears away, causing my mind to go blank. Curiosity took over my legs

and so I stepped. Getting closer to the forest than what I really should have.

   The bushes began to rustle even more. And so I took a big breath in and took another

step into the forest. A surge of fear and excitement ran through my body. My Mamas words

echoed, "Never stray from your path." But did I take heed?


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thy Broken Mind

   Im so pleased to officially say that Thy Broken Mind is on SOOPLLC for voting right now! While its getting voted on, Im going to be working on it. This voting process could either be very long and short depending how much attraction I do. Anyway if you havent voted for it, and you want too please click here! If you want to more about it besides reading the description of vicious monsters and fantasy land, that's what this post is for! :D

  Thy Broken Mind started out as a random horror blurb I wrote back in August or whatever time it was. It's originally about a serial killer being caught for his sickening crimes of murder but since I wrote about 30 pages of it the concept changed into a mystery with Lucia Jones, who is the sixteen-year-old girl who wants his help. He kind of wonders why she wants his help when she is a Gen-C.  Gen-C(Generation C) are humans gifted with talent in the arts. Drama, writing, painting, singing, dancing,- everything that people would consider beautiful in every form but....yeah there's that but, they have the impulse to kill. Murder is what drives them to live, so having talent is a huge downfall in this dystopian world. There's also an age at which you turn into a Gen-C which is sixteen but you can turn before hand. A lot of Gen-C's are afraid of themselves and so purposely lock themselves up in Houses.

  Now "Houses" are another way of saying "Mental Hospital" or "Asylum" except they are more technology based and color coded. Not only we have Gen-C's we have the normal, mental patients that are violent in behavior, some of them are calm, but just need to be in a place that helps them with a daily routine and the color goes up.

  Because of a war, over half of the world became screwed up and well dystopian! Though I'll get to the dystopian part in the second book I believe. For now- let's just stick with the House, the people, the monsters, the Gen-C's.

  Oh yes and to make things even worse- there's The World. Here's a quote from Thy Broken Mind about The World taken from 017,  

"Lucia, this world is a twisted replica of the world we are from. Except, the sins we make there- creates monstrous forms that roam this world. The bigger the sin, the uglier the lie, the larger the monster."

And I think thats about it! This will be updated the longer I continue this book. Thank you~

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Story Count From Hell

   Every new year day, and I mean every new year day, I take the time to count each and every story, short story, blurb, sentence I have written and count them up. Why? Well a very long time ago I told myself that I wanted to write 1001 stories based upon our world. Of course this came with the creation of my own world- beings, monsters characters and even language. Since them I made it my goal to write as many stories as possible in the year, adding up everything I've written. Yeah this take a lot of time because I had write stories, I type on different devices, I scribble things down on my homework(I did that a lot and Im pretty happy they gave me back my papers). And so began the hellish new year day.