Thursday, October 9, 2014

Around a year ago

I was checking my junk-mail just recently and I came across a memory that I use to write using the Google Chrome. It was from the app "Little Memory" that'll send you what you've written. I thought this was pretty interesting what I ran into.

This sort of takes me back to when I didnt think I placed enough character into characters around last year. I just created them into puppets and made them act out on a stage- or just a play for people. I also felt that I felt more character during games and such and would cry like the absolute baby that I am and not be able to feel what Im feeling threw this character. But of course, a year is a very long time and half of what I did say is true to me. I still think that I dont put enough emotions into my characters, but other people think so. Its a very weird concept but hey being in "fandoms" and such made me change my mind a lot. People can feel what I can feel- they just go something a little to the extreme with it sometimes and other times people really cant feel that from a character. After watching so many people throughout this entire year and some days, I can say that I have learned to make my characters "feel" and not be a puppet. I mean hey- I made people cry, awe, and laugh when I started writing The Music Girl. All isnt lost for learning! Hopefully that made some sense or something. I should just get back to writing instead of making a blog entry about things.  K, I'll do that now.