Sunday, October 26, 2014


    This has been on my mind lately of opening this sort of online company made of a bunch of weird folks that have talent. Whether its writing, singing, dancing, photoshoping, etc. But I wanted it to be fun, work on projects such as manga, videos- anything that sounds fun. Though I have to put a lot of thought into opening up positions and how many people I would need to get things done. I could already say that our first project would of course be Project Deviant. Though Im writing it, I still need a lot of help. I need people to draw the characters, tell me whats wrong, editors. Currently it'll only be people who draw, write, and edit. When we get finished- we'll publish it online and move on to a project that someone has or make some sort of series for people to get into. Though I wouldnt know how this would still work- mentally mapping this out but will it work? IDEK but I still want it to be fun. One day I will open this sort of company and will attempt to be on par with Walt Disney. Thats a lot of work for the next couple of years. Though if anyone's reading this and feels like they want to become a member of The Weird World, go right ahead and message me.