Current Novels

Cant forget the novels that Im currently writing! They arent finished/ are finished or even edited to a readable extent. But there are short summary about each and every one of them. {All Covers Except for the ones I said I made are made by Bailey!}

Queen of The Roses; The Hero of The World, Austin, who has saved everyone from everything that has endangered the world. He suddenly realizes that he doesnt love not one of the beautiful princesses or queens he's saved over the years and hears of a tale about the beautiful and mystical, Queen of The Roses. New Adult/Comedy/Fantasy

My Neighbor The Devil; Michael was an average college drop out who resided in an old flat downtown. Suddenly he gets a new neighbor that moves into the room 706. He then realizes, that his neighbor isnt any young college student, but a serial killer. New Adult/Horror/Supernatural/Comedy

There's Something About You; Joel is an older man who begins to see a have strange nightmares after he runs into an old man who cries out that there is something around him. He believes that he is cursed to have these nightmares, until he sees a strange skeleton monster in the mirror. New Adult/Horror/Fantasy/Supernatural

When It Rains; A unique fantasy love story between two woman who are from completely different world but still find something in common but only when it rains, is when they're able to meet with each other. Cover is made by me. New Adult/Lesbian/LGBT/Comedy/Fantasy/Tragic

Thy Broken Mind; Cover is made by me. A POV of a madman I suppose.

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