Monday, October 27, 2014

Lies Beyond Death


My legs slouched across the slushed(soot and snow) covered pavement. My mind was drifting off and my eyes continued to roll back into my skull unwillingly. I could feel my body move on its own despite my will to want to rest. Sometimes a few cars would speed on by down the dark streets, the backdraft causing me to shiver from the cold weather. I had abandoned everything for drugs. That Lime, I craved ever so much. It became the new drug when this world went to shit and so the soot snowed upon the new world, leaving it in a dark state. A new world brings new things. My eyes attempted to open and look over at my numb arm that was soaked in bruises, needle marks, and scabs. "Its starting to wear off..." I slurred. When did I become so...horrible? My body stopped and I held my head up towards the sky. I felt the soot fall onto my face before fading away.

   Warmth wrapped around my body tightly and so did the muttering voices of a man. "I 'ound er n the ide of the 'reet Boss." A heavily accent man spoke. My head was spinning and my mouth was filled with cotton. I couldnt move my body but my eyes did open. There a man dressed in white was sitting on the edge of this velvet color couch. He was sitting on the edge, with his elbows to his knees and his hands to his face. He eyes glittered in a romantic red that reflected the crisp fire. His hair appeared to be smooth, inching down his face. On his hand was a large tattoo I've never seen before. Though I could make my speculation. He was the Boss of a Horde. "Oh I see you've come too." He spoke to me. My eyes blinked. "427 found you on the side of a road, completely out of it. Too much Lime I suppose from the needle marks and scabs on your body." He chuckled. "Mhm..." I nodded my head. I finally looked down at my body that was covered with a wool blanket. Though for the life of me I couldnt get up. Its the usual effects of being on Lime. "I suggest you dont get up. We're about to hit you with a Rectify." He stood up. As he did, he waved his hand. Signaling to 427 to go get the supplies. "Why?" I mumbled. "What do you mean why? I'm going to use you of course." His dark smile appeared. "N...No wait...Please..." I attempted to shake my head. Is this the end of me? Is this really how I go out? Being used and slaughtered by some Horde? "Dont worry. I'll be gentle." "Boss!" 427 ran up to him, "The Seethers 's een potted n or area!" "Again!?" He growled. His red eyes consumed by flames, "Tell those useless bastards that I will tear them limb from limb if they dont get out there and destroy those Seethers!" "B-But Boss they're more powerful monsters than we are." 427 reluctantly said. "I...I will do it..." I heaved my sorry excuse for a voice out, "I'll kill the Seethers for you."