Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NaNoPrep & Advice

Its coming up. 

   The dreaded day were you begin that writing journey threw hell and back. Though if this is your second, third, fourth time doing this- you still need to somewhat prep or else you'll find yourself a loss for words. This is my third time doing this and I remember my first time. I didnt know what I would do, and all I had was an idea of how things were going to go. Of course- me being young and no confident- I also had the great idea to race someone to the finish line. You heard me. Word Race during NaNo to whoever gets to 50K the fastest. Insane? Somewhat especially for a first timer but it was amazing. It helped me get out of my insane 'omg I cant do this, its too many words in just a few amount of days- I have a new dog, a house to clean, to study- I CANT DO THIS' But also did the encouraging talks that NaNo sends you from time to time from Authors thats went through the same thing you are.

   Then again because I had so much work to get done during this time, including a cosplay for a convention- I was also extremely high off of caffeine, vitamin pills, lack of sleep, and motivation to win. What a first year right? My second time though, was much more organized and precise. I already had what I was going to do by August and made the characters as flawed as a human can be. This made it easier for what I was going to do, how the story was going to be. I blew threw Nano #2 like a breeze, still finishing on the same day that I finished on the year prior. The 21st. Now its my third year and....Im just doing the character sketches.

   Yes I scribbled it down on a sheet of paper as I was doing my homework early in the morning. Ignore the other stuff I was writing down. Anyway I had Sven and Zenith down but the more I started putting the characters together the more I realized I could do a whole lot better with this story that what my original thought was. So guess who's going to be rearranging their mental process for the next two days? 8D I am~  So now that you know what I've done, and havent been doing as well- here's some bit of advice for those Nanoers;

1. Dont stress. It makes for an incredibly bad tasting story when you stress out over something thats suppose to be probably one of the most memorable time in life. Hell mine was certainly and I could never forget it

2. Make it fun. Obviously. 

3. Dont forget to talk about what you're writing. Even to your family and friends. Get them involved and ask for some help if you get stuck or writers block. Sometimes the greatest inspirations comes from the people you love the most.

4. Dont rush. You'll burn yourself out too quickly. You want to pace yourself everyday to achieve some kind of word limit. Though I do believe that the original word limit is 1667, you can always make your own.

5. If you dont make the 50K by the 30th, its alright. Pat yourself on the back and tell yourself good job for trying. You did what most people are afraid to do and that is challenge themselves.

And thats about it! Ladies and Gents I bid that you have a very wonderful NaNoWriMo 2014.