Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday #1

Friday Tales~ 

   As you know it is a Friday. I wanted to record me talking about this but hey things didn't happen the way I wanted so you get to see me explain how human I am when it comes to writing. Writers always make mistakes- especially if you're just trying to be out there and have absolutely no idea what you're doing but trying to mimic the crowd. I just tend to make more mistakes. With that being said, Halloween is right around the corner, I believe its a month away and I thought this story of how bad I am, would be perfect for this.

 If you know, submitting to magazines are the best way to get noticed with your work. Whether you are a writer, or an artist a magazine submission is probably the best way. Unfortunately I have at least thirty rejections from magazines underneath my belt with zero writings accepted. (You can laugh at me, I laugh at myself and how many times I've heard that 'Your writing is good but its not for us' or 'Your writing is great but we feel that it isnt for our magazine''. But I have gotten other answers which I will talk about another Friday)

  Around this time where spooky writing is the "thing" or almost the thing, I found a horror magazine while browsing the Internet for submissions. I thought it was cool that they wanted unique freakshowish horror writings and I believe I wrote a poem and a short story. The poem was a sleeping beauty type about this man who killed his lover so he can have her for all of eternity. He sat there describing how beautiful she was, her hair down to her lips and her elegant body. But then it turned a very dark turn when he mentioned that he killed her and now she's placed in a glass coffin.

My short story was a horror one where I used a character I'm very familiar with, to her write about her life in the form of a letter. You could say that in this letter was pretty disturbing things, murders, corpses, a monster, attempting to burn someone alive. Graphic, would be the term to use when describing this overly descriptive short story.

Though, I have no idea why- this shit scared the hell out of them. At first when I received the rejection letter, it was as if they didnt want to offend me or place some wild curse on them. They wrote it like they were shaking, using the entire "......." in between sentences like they didnt know what the hell to say. Then what most likely got me was the fact that they repeated the sentence twice, making sure I got the fact that my work is good but not for them, not right now, not ever. Now that I think about it, it could've been a little too... Stephen King. 

Most likely the main thing that lead me to fully believe that I had scared a magazine company away(sobs sobs) was when I posted this story on a writing website. People read it- other people because disturbed and afraid right after it. My friends read it- they never wanted to come over to my house ever again for they feared for their lives. That is when I legitimately facepalmed myself because sometimes you dont know your limit and that was one of the times.

So that concludes my first Friday tale to everyone! Hopefully you enjoyed reading this weird life experience. I have plenty more of very awing tales, including normal rejections and rejections I needed to get slap for. May you enjoy the rest of your Friday and your weekend too.

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