Monday, September 1, 2014

The Magician That Left The World Ch.03

Chapter Three:

   "I opened the lid and there he was! Inside the barrel of Sharp-Tooth Fish! I don't know how he got in there!!" Marine yelled as he paced around the meeting room. I could see that he was trying to figure out how someone- a stranger at that- had managed to get inside one of the barrels. Someone had called Abraham to the shore and so he forced the stranger out of the barrel. When he got out, it was clear that he wasn't from around here. His long orange hair was down to his waist and he wore colorful clothes that we had never seen before. Abraham then took him to his building and locked him inside a small room with a table. "He could be part of that dreaded main-land." Locke sneered as I served him his drink from the tray I held in my hands. Because I am nosy, I offered to serve everyone drinks as they talked about what they were going to do. "He could be a fucking Shapeshifter. You know how those things are blood hungry bastards." Sooren said. "But why would a Shapeshifter travel all the way out to the islands?" Mary questioned, "Wouldn't make sense." "Whatever he is I don't trust him!" Marine concluded. "Ha, of course you don't." Viren chuckled.

"I do." I interrupted them. All of their harsh gazes directed towards me, like I had lost my mind. "He didn't appear dangerous to me but rather frightened if you all didn't notice that." I told them. "That's because you're a child! Children don't know anything about this world so keep your mouth shut Nike." Sooren snipped. I rolled my eyes. All of the adults on the islands always say the say thing. 'Children don't know anything about this world.' or 'This world is filled with dangers and so is the main-land.' "We'll just wait for the Chief to show up. He can determine if he's a threat or not." Mary sighed. "Nike go on and take that boy a drink. He's chained down to the table in there so if something does happen you'll be safe from harm." Abraham ordered. "Yes sir." I nodded my head. I was more than willing to go see him.

With a little more than usual speed in my step, I left the the meeting room and headed to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water and a bottle of Orange tea from the fridge, then left the kitchen. As I walked down the hallway to the room, my heart was pounding with excitement. Finally I reached the door and took a big breath before knocking on the door twice. I could hear the chain rattling from outside the door and so I let myself in. There he was, the iron clasps over his wrist and chained down to the table. His golden eyes looked up at me in awe but suddenly ducked down in fright. "Hi here..." I spoke to him, closing the door behind me. I kept my eyes on him as I approached the table; setting the tray down I offered him a drink, "Do you want water or tea?" When I said that his body loosened up a bit and he opened his eyes. "Tea please." he said. I nodded my head as I placed the bottle of tea in front of him.

"So...where did you come from?" I decided to ask. "I'm...not from anywhere...really." he replied, grabbing the bottle of tea and opening it. "Does this mean you're a traveler?" I smiled. "Sort of." he chuckled before taking a few sips of the tea. He glanced up at me and gave me a smile, "Thank you." "Your welcome." I said. "You're kinder than everyone else I've encountered here. Are they always like this?" "Yeah. We never get any new people so the adults are on edge." I explained, "But they are somewhat kind. Just dont piss them off." "Im extremely concerned for my well being now..." he declared. I laughed, "Dont worry. I'll  "Um...Can I ask you a question?" he asked and I nodded my head. "Have you ever felt didn't belong here?" he asked. I was awed at the question he had just asked but then he shook his head. "Nevermind. I'm sorry for asking something strange. That was stupid of me." he sighed. The door to the room suddenly opened. It was Abraham along with the Chief of the Islands.