Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Magician That Left The World Ch. 02

Chapter Two:

   I was having that dream again. where I last saw my mothers smile before she sent me away. I could hear myself mumble the words, "Mother..." But suddenly the sound of a door slamming open awakened me from my slumber. "Hey dumbass!!" Salome screamed without a care in the world that I was asleep. Her yelling caused me to jump up in fright. "Fucking Salome!!!" I snipped angrily, sitting up in my bed to see her standing there. Her red hair pinned up by her favorite clip and wearing the usual short legged overalls. "Gramps said that I should go wake you up since it didn't seem like you'd be getting up anytime soon, idiot." she explained her reason for intruding my room. "My name isn't dumbass, or idiot, its Nike." I corrected her for the hundredth and twenty time. Unknowingly, out of the darkness my mother cast me in, I had fallen in the sea of Labornia. About to drown, Abraham Moon and his granddaughter Salome- who by the way did I mention that I despise her?- witnessed me fall from the sky. They took me back to the Islands and housed me ever since.

"Nikephoros." she called me by my full name and I shot her that pissed off look. Now fully in bliss that she has accomplished pissing me off, she turns around and waltzes out of my bedroom. I sighed heavily, sliding out of my bed. My body stretches on its own; Its time I began my day. In return for saving my life, I work as a part time fisherman. Helping where ever I'm needed at; Rolling the barrels of fish to Abrahams' shop, gutting them, fixing boats. Even though this has been my home for years now, I still want to go back to where I came from. I told Abraham this and his face became twisted in horror. He then explained to me that where I came from, was most likely a dystopian world that was taken over by a controlling dictator that wouldn't allow magic. I remember a Hunter of Arabic coming in that night but I didn't know both of my parents were magic users. 

Though he says that, I know deep down, I don't belong here. It may sound cliche as hell but I know that I'm different from everyone on the Islands. Though they've welcomed me with open arms, made me feel at home, this really isn't my home. I sighed as I scratched my head. I had been standing in the sand with the ocean that rolled over my feet for a while now. "What are you doing standing there?" Salome's voice asked, destroying my thoughts. "You know for a fourteen year old you sure are annoying." I remarked. "Idiot! I was only asking!!" she shouted. "Well that's what makes you so damn annoying!!" I marched away from her. "For an ex-Angelious you sure are easily annoyed!!" she yelled at me.

An ex-Angelious is a heavenly being that lives in the sky. They are kind, gentle beings, who are known for their patience. Since I fell down from the sky she's been convinced that I had been thrown out of the sky which is hardly the truth. Angrily I turned myself around- ready to give her a piece of my mind but suddenly a man shrieked in fear. "What was that?" she asked. "I don't know..." I replied. I took off running down the shore to find the scream and luckily I did. A few of Abrahams signature boats were cast on the shore and there stood some of the employees standing around. "What happened!?" I asked, pushing myself to the front. There, in one of the barrels of fish, was a young human male who appeared to be scared to death. "Y...Yo..." he hesitantly spoke.