Monday, September 1, 2014

Fourteen Minutes Dead: Mirai Sekai Ch.01


    There hands were glued together as they ran throughout the pitch black city. Their hearts pounded against their chest in fright, their breaths panting in the air. They didn't know where they were or why they had awoken so abruptly out of their slumber, wearing strange colored clothes. But it was comforting to them that they knew each other and so escaped out of the building where they were being held at. 

A loud beep echoed, catching them off guard and soon a robotic voice spoke, "Deploying Hunter Sequence 19. Initiating Announcement Sequence; On Emergency Channel VA-7M. ATTENTION, exactly 2:15am Subjects A-204 and A-206 escaped from holding within the Aeon Corp and Understanding Human Ability Facility. These subjects appear to be two children. One Fourteen Male and One Female Nine. These subjects are extremely dangerous. If Sighted, Please contact your assigned Overwatcher immediately. Initiating- Wake Up Sequence." 

The broadcast ceased and the building they had just left out of light up. The two turned around in awe with their large child-like eyes. Slowly all of the buildings beside that one began lighting up, glimmering with radiant colors. It wasn't long before the entire city was awakened out of its slumbering darkness and glistered with light. "Where are we...?" Alex questioned, looking around curiously. "The Future..." Nick nodded his head in excitement. Without warning, the beautiful color changed into a furious red and on the tallest buildings a hologram appeared. "ATTENTION" it read in flashing read letters before showing both Alex and Nick's face. 

Soon flashing blue and red aircrafts began lifting off these buildings, hovering around looking for the two children. Both of them gulped, looking at each other. "We gotta go." Nick said, unexpectedly taking off running, dragging Alex by the hand. "Waaiiitt!!" Alex cried out, "Nick cease your fleeing!!" he pleaded. "What?" Nick stopped running and looked at her. "I'm hungry!!" Alex declared. "Are you serious right now Alex!?" Nick gasped and his wings shot out of his back in anger. "Of course I'm serious! Food isn't something you joke about, duh." Alex folded her arms across her chest. "Fine, when we're not being wanted by the city, I'll get you some doughnuts." Nike sighed. "Yay~! Nom nom Pistachio kind!!" Alex celebrated, waving her arms in the air but something caught her eye. "Not to burst your doughnut wishing but they're coming." Alex pointed at the police aircrafts headed their way. "Oh no...I wanted to avoid being spotted." Nike shook his head. 

"Don't worry I can handle it." Alex said, closing her eyes. She marched a bit forehead, her body emitting a soft light. When her eyes opened, they were glowing a bright purple color and her shadow began to spread. It spread down the street, at least six feet down and then stopped suddenly. "Rise..." Alex muttered and a large hand rose out of the shadow. With the hand soon came a peacock colored monster with razor sharp teeth, large white eyes, and a huge speaker in the middle of its body. It gave out a bloody battle cry, signaling to everyone in the city that they were there. In retaliation the aircrafts began sending out missiles towards the monster. "He can distract them." Alex said, "Can we get nom nom now?" "You're unbelievable sometimes." Nick sighed, shaking his head. He walked over and grabbed Alex from around the waist, "Here we go." His wings started to flap furiously, ready to carry but suddenly a hole below the two opened up and they fell. "Ahhh!!!" both of them wailed, falling down the narrow passage way. "Where are we headed now?" they thought. Soon their bodies came crashing down from the ceiling, landing on a couch that was located inside an office type room. On the wall to the right of them, were holographic cameras feed screens showing ten screens of the city. "Ow..." they both groaned. "Get off me Nick...You're heavy..." Alex groaned. "Sorry sorry." Nick rolled off the couch and onto the floor. Nick's eyes gazed around the office room, "Where are we now?" he asked, his wings stretching a bit. "How would I know?" Alex sighed, not moving an inch off the couch. "Hey Alex look at this." Nick approached the camera feed screens. Each of them showed a different angle of the city Neo-Seoul but one of them played what they saw outside on the city. Their own faces, claiming that they were dangerous.

Suddenly the door to the left opened and in walked a man with short blond hair wearing a white suit. "Who are you?!" Nick asked, getting in position to fight. Alex pounced off the couch and ran near Nick, curious who had came into the room. "Don't be alarmed, I'm a friend!" the man spoke to them, "My name is Mike and Im part of the Monstercat Rebellion." The two children looked at each other. "What?" Nick questioned. "Do you two know where you're at?" Mike asked. "The future of course!" Alex answered. Mike nodded his head, "Yes but-" Abruptly interrupting Mike, alarms started going off.

"WARNING THE EVACUATION PROTOCOL HAS BEEN ACTIVATED; Attention all renegades, this is an emergency evacuation! I repeat, this is an emergency evacuation!! Please head to the nearest train-way system. I repeat, Please head to the nearest train-way system!!" 

"Oh no they've found us." Mike rushed over to his desk. "What has?" Nick asked. "The Hunters." Mike answered, opening one of his desk drawers up and pressing the button hidden underneath papers. Everything in the room changed into what appeared to be an old warehouse building. The wooden desk opened up, revealing a passage way. He called them over, "Come A-204 and A-206, we're headed to Neo-Tokyo. There, everything will be explained."

End of Chapter One