Thursday, September 18, 2014

Random Poem #2

You know that moment
In your life
When everything is overwhelming
But not overwhelming in work
But in life
Life is getting you down
Extremely down
To the point where living
Isn't worth it
And you start to get that itch
That itch for self-destruction
Blades become your new best friend
The bottle of alcohol is a companion
You start tempting your life
Slowly dodging in front of traffic
Climbing on high buildings
Jumping would seem fun
And quick way to end your life
But then
Just as you're about to completely
There's that one person
That walks into your life you haven't seen
That one person
Pats your head
And says

"You're alright. Sure, life doesn't seem worth it right now
But why end all of that here?
There's an entire world out there that you need to see.
But right now.
What you're going threw.
Its just a test.
Something to tell to people that will be going threw the safe
Touch situation.
Because if life was easy
Then people wouldn't be living
They wouldn't have dreams
And who would fight for anything?
Strive for their goals?
No one.
So right now
You're alright
Just keep at it."

They pat your head again
And disappear
You look for them
Call them
Wanting to lean on them
But deep down you know
That if they answered
You're going to lean on them
Like a crutch
And they know
You have to be strong
Stand on your own two feet
And fight