Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Story Time

   Thankfully my Creative Writing teacher has allowed us to choose a different protagonist for our final project or keep the one we have now. So Im throwing my old protagonist out and choosing the first one main character to the unwritten "House Of Cards" series(which I started making months ago but dropped it due to reasons). I knew that this series was going to have many main characters- bout three or four-either in novels or short stories because covering this world is going to take a lot. Though its based off of fairy tales of all kinds but of course throw that weird in there and there's only a string of relationship is attached to the original stories which could range from having six swan brothers to being called Prince Cinder, referencing Cinderella but in a twisted way. Sometimes you gotta play with what people like to make it something different in a way that hasnt been heard of before. Hopefully I can write chapter one while doing the English assignments and grow my characters while writing Book 2 of The Music Girl, The Violinist and the other long list of stories I havent even touched in a while. Though of course thats not all whats up with this "House of Cards". Not revealing anything else but the whole fairy tale theme but hey, soon you'll see chapter one either on my blog, Penned, or Figment! :D Yey.