Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Magic That She Wrote

She died that day.

The woman across the field from our farm. I could see the medical people, dressed head to toe in a white uniform, carrying out her body on a stretcher. On top of her body was a white blanket to cover her corpse. My father explained to me that she was a very old and lonely lady, who carried many burdens on her shoulders. But no one knew exactly what she was, how she lived, or where she came from. Speculations from the other neighbors filled the air, but no one knew for sure. Though, the only thing I knew her for was the exotic garden that grew in the back where the forest was said to begin. It was barricaded by a grass wall that stretched for what appeared to be miles though the trees and plants that grew back there were overflowing above the wall. I would walk by it everyday to and from school, pondering; what was she keeping in their. Sooner or later she would catch me with my hand against the cold grass that breezed with mystery.

“Get off that wall!!!” her old shriveled voice would shriek harder than a banshee. I was scared of her. That frown she gave me was worse than the one Mama had towards me, her old saggy skin that frightened me out- she barely had any eyebrows- her gray hair that was placed in a bun which sat on top of her head and those eyes. There was something in her chestnut eyes that made her scream in such anger. But what was it? That day, in the middle of the night, for the first time I decided that I should go inside her house. I placed on my knee high boots, grabbed my fathers flashlight and left the house without disturbing anyone. I tromped across the fields towards her home, my heart racing with excitement. I pondered; what was going to be inside her home and her garden that she kept locked away? When I came to the cottage house I knew her front door wouldn’t be opened but I tried anyway. My small childlike hand gripped the doorknob and turning it. To my surprised, the door opened. I questioned why would the door would be open?

Nonetheless, I still walked into the house. I clicked on the flashlight to see what was inside. It was clean to a certain extent, no dirty carpets, no cats-which I thought she had due to Mrs. Marcy telling me that she was just some cranky old cat lady- but there were papers. Papers filled the coffee table that was next to the pink sofa that had quilts covering one of the cushions. Papers scattered on the carpet, next to the bookcase- it was a sea of papers in that house. Across from the couch was a fireplace mantel. Sitting in between two golden candle holders was an envelope.

Cautiously I moved towards this envelope, making sure I didn’t step on any papers that were thrown about. My hand reached out to grab it but a sudden noise disturbed me in the process. It was the sound of a violin playing. Its beautiful sound lead me out of the living room, threw the dinning room and to the backdoor. My hand opened the door to a beautiful colored garden that had almost every flower, vine, earth I could think of. I thought I had stumbled upon a secret garden that basked in the moon's light. I set my flashlight down on the small steps before strolling down them and landing on the soft grass.

“This place is incredible!!” I awed, smiling one of the biggest smiles I had. I traveled threw this garden of wonders that had was much bigger than I assumed it was. Like a hand, the strings of the violin led me to a the middle of this garden. Standing there was a handsome young man with dark blonde hair, wearing a tux without the jacket. His eyes were closed as he played the song that lead me. Surrounding him were dancing female statues, all wearing different types of dresses that seemed to have froze in time. The air around him seemed like a dream I could never wake up from. Soft and calm, something different I had never felt.

“Do you like it? The music that is?” his voice questioned as his red colored eyes opened, piercing right at me. I nodded my head and he stopped playing. “Who are you?” he asked. I opened my mouth to answer but he gave out a chuckle. “Its alright. The most important part is that you're in time for the masquerade.” he said. I questioned, “Masquerade?” “Yes!” he nodded his head, before lifting up his arm. The bow slid across the violin and once he did that, golden dust began twirling out from his playing. He played the song 'Waltz From Masquerade' by Khachaturian which I had knew from a movie. The golden dust flew towards the female statues that were frozen. It engulfed them in a sparkling glow and they transformed into real women, who began dancing. As they danced around the young man, the grass beneath them turned into an elegant floor and soon everything around me was as if I was in the grand ballroom with a chandelier hanging above me. People, wearing colorful masquerade costumes began to appear out of this magic dust. Some were dancing on the ballroom floor, others were on the walls drinking the pretty colored glasses, and some gawked as the young man continued to play. Chattering from the uncanny people filled the ballroom up with life.

Soon an orchestra appeared beside me, playing along with the young man. Once the song was over, everyone applauded and he took a bow. “Ladies and Gentlemen!” he spoke to everyone in the room, “It is an honor to have you all here tonight with me! A very special occasion has arose as well. I will be having the first dance with this young lady.” he held his hand out towards me. Everyone's eyes gazed towards me, waiting for me to do something. My heart pounded against my chest. I had never danced before let alone a formal dance! Still, I smiled shyly as I approached him. When I did, my pajama dress slowly turned with the help of the golden magic into a beautiful red dress. The same one I saw a woman wore when she sung the opera on TV. Black clothes appeared on my arms as I reached out and grabbed his hand.

The violin in his other hand vanished into the same golden dust that created everything. We started to dance, even though I held my head down the entire time. “I don’t think I can dance.” I whispered to him. “Just follow my footsteps.” he reassured me. “Am I dreaming?” I asked. “No.” he replied back, smiling. After the dance he told me that I had to leave this place. When I asked him why but he wouldn’t tell me. He then kissed my forehead and told me that he will see me again.

The golden world around me began to vanish and I was left standing there in the middle of the garden I had once entered. I gazed around me. The beautiful red dress had changed back into my pajama dress. The statues weren’t there anymore nor were the traces of the young man. I wondered, is he telling the truth? Will I get to see him and his golden world once again? I found my way back to the cottage, walking up the steps I swooped down and grabbed the flashlight. I turned on my flashlight as I strolled threw the dark cottage house but this time, I stopped at the fireplace. I reached out and grabbed the letter. I walked over to the couch and softly sat down. I opened the envelop which contained a letter that was folded in three crisp folds. I held the flashlight over the letters words. It read;

'My dearest Rose Minuet

It is time for you to live the life I have wrote for you. I knew you would come when I died, because that is what I wrote. My story ends and yours begin because I am the author of your life- the creator of your world- and now you will embark on an adventure that I had always dreamed of. The papers that are scattered around you now, are about you and your tale. I will give you two choices now. One to read your own tale-your future till the very end of your last breath- or walk out the door and live it. Choose wisely for the world is in your hands, because you have became God.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Words'