Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Magician That Left The World Ch.01

Chapter One:

"Once upon a time, there was a magician that went by the name of Chike, who traveled the world in the sky. Loved by all- for he did wonderful things for people. The people of this world in the sky claimed that he had a heart of gold and it was." My fathers tongue rolled on his lips before continuing, "Though he was hated by other Magicians for he did good things and not the horrible things Magicians were known for. But one day, Malfies- God of Magicians, kidnapped him!! While Chike was gone, Malfies took over the world in the sky! The people were horrified that the Magicians were ruling over them, causing havoc and chaos! Everyone cried out for Chike, and he heard their voices. Because of this, he broke free from Malfies's clutches!! The two of them began battling for hors but Chike knew he had to sacrifice his life for the world. And so he did. He grabbed a hold of Malfies's body and with his power- he imploded himself! Killing both him and Malfies. The world in the sky was now safe from harm but...its time for you to go to bed." He chuckled, his brown eyes quickly looking towards the clock on my wall. "Aww..." I yawned, "I wanted more..." "You'll get more tomorrow. Goodnight." He lifted up from my bed side, gently bending down and kissing my forehead goodnight. 

He gives me a faint smile before walking out of my room. "Are you telling him more stories?" I can hear my Mother ask him. He didn't deny it though, "Yes I am. He needs to some of the truth-" The word 'truth' had awakened me from my sleepy state of mind. I was a nosy child, who loved hearing what the adults had to say despite it not being any of my business. Softly I slip out of my bed and tip toed my self out of my room. I watched my parents stroll into the small living room we had. "Well as long as it enjoys it for now." she chuckled, "But what if he learns the whole truth? He's turning ten soon you know." "Then like every ten year old- he will become apart of this society where monster are real and the magic we once knew isnt." Was what my father replied to her. "Magic...?" my soft voice asked. Soon there came a knock at the door. "I wonder who it could be at this hour." Mother said. I watched her walk over towards the door. But something happened. Within a blink of my eye, the door was engulfed by flames. "What the hell!?" Father shouted angrily and I run out from the hallway to see what was going on. Both my parents were looking directly towards the door, waiting for something to walk threw the flames that were spreading. And someone did. It was one of the Hunters of Arabic but what did it want with our family? They normally track down magic users. "I thought I would've never found you- Descendants of Riesa." the tall man spoke, glancing down at my parents. "I never thought we would be found out." my father replied but then turned his head around to see me standing there. "What are you doing here!?" he shouted angrily. "Son!!" Mother snipped. "I...I was nosy..." I said, frightened. Mother quickly looked back at Father who nodded his head. Before I knew it, she had heaved me over her shoulder and ran into my room. "Mother whats going on?" I asked. She set me down and gave me a hug. "I want you to be a brave boy for mother and father. I love you so much, and never forget that." She whispered and then the foreign words came. When she let me go, my body began to fall into a pit of darkness. The darkness made me realize that I had just lost my parents and so I cried as I fell.