Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Catching Fire 00

Dont you love 
To watch the fire burn
In the moonlight
The embers taking off from the flame
Slightly surrounding your body
The cold wind brushing up against your face
I do too
But not when death
Surrounds you in the form of three men
Whose watching you
With those sharp eyes
Waiting for you to break
Into billions of pieces
I inhale
Shoving the guilt back down from where it came from
My mind raced with an apology
"Im so sorry..."
I knew I wouldnt be able to look at myself anymore
Especially after what I just did

One of their faces 
Get close to mine
Their warm breath crashes into my cheek
Eyes piercing at my facial expression
I exhaled
Looking back at him 
"She's good." his deep voice confirms, "She's a Cold-Blood!" 
I closed my eyes
Saying goodbye to everything I once knew
And hello 
To a brave new world