Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teaser Tuesday; The Lord & The Wolf

He stood on top of the building, watching the vicious flames engulf half of the city he had lived in for some quiet time. He could hear the faint screams of agony from the citizens and the hollering of the alarms going off from the city officials. "How could I let this happen? Everything was going according to plan." he thought, feeling the anger whelm up inside him. He knew he was half the reason why the city was burning to a crisp before his very eyes but the other half was far beyond his imagination. "They're not human you know." a young female voice spoke beside him. His glossy red eyes darted towards her. Her, who was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Appearing only as a young child with long black hair. "What do you propose we do now?" she questioned. He sighed, "We wait. They will appear again."