Sunday, February 1, 2015


I dont know whether I'll write this as a short story and attempt(I said attempt because I never know whats gonna happen with any story) to submit this to Basilica oooorrr write this as some casual short story. Anyway I was gonna post this for Teaser Tuesday but tuesday is way to far for me to wait and you get this now.

   Mama always told me to never stray away from the path that I was given. Especially, when

traveling through the great forest. But one sunny afternoon, I felt as if, something was

staring at me from afar, with large wicked eyes. These eyes pierced my back and made each

of my movements difficult. For the first time, I had stopped walking. Usually I rushed

along, my thoughts up in the clouds and my prayers with God that I made it safe to town

without being eaten by Spirits.

   I noticed, that the birds, who were usually in full blown sing, had ceased. The eerie

silence had settled, causing the hair on my skin to stand. My cold hands clutched the

basket of fresh raspberry bread, Mama had baked for Grandma. The longer I stood there, the

faster my heart began to pound against my chest. Hesitantly, I took a look around.

Slightly swinging my head to the left and then to the right.

   But when I turned my head to the left, there I felt the gaze. My thoughts became

jumbled- What was in the forest that was staring at me? Soon a rustling sound snatched the

noise in between my ears away, causing my mind to go blank. Curiosity took over my legs

and so I stepped. Getting closer to the forest than what I really should have.

   The bushes began to rustle even more. And so I took a big breath in and took another

step into the forest. A surge of fear and excitement ran through my body. My Mamas words

echoed, "Never stray from your path." But did I take heed?