Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thy Broken Mind

   Im so pleased to officially say that Thy Broken Mind is on SOOPLLC for voting right now! While its getting voted on, Im going to be working on it. This voting process could either be very long and short depending how much attraction I do. Anyway if you havent voted for it, and you want too please click here! If you want to more about it besides reading the description of vicious monsters and fantasy land, that's what this post is for! :D

  Thy Broken Mind started out as a random horror blurb I wrote back in August or whatever time it was. It's originally about a serial killer being caught for his sickening crimes of murder but since I wrote about 30 pages of it the concept changed into a mystery with Lucia Jones, who is the sixteen-year-old girl who wants his help. He kind of wonders why she wants his help when she is a Gen-C.  Gen-C(Generation C) are humans gifted with talent in the arts. Drama, writing, painting, singing, dancing,- everything that people would consider beautiful in every form but....yeah there's that but, they have the impulse to kill. Murder is what drives them to live, so having talent is a huge downfall in this dystopian world. There's also an age at which you turn into a Gen-C which is sixteen but you can turn before hand. A lot of Gen-C's are afraid of themselves and so purposely lock themselves up in Houses.

  Now "Houses" are another way of saying "Mental Hospital" or "Asylum" except they are more technology based and color coded. Not only we have Gen-C's we have the normal, mental patients that are violent in behavior, some of them are calm, but just need to be in a place that helps them with a daily routine and the color goes up.

  Because of a war, over half of the world became screwed up and well dystopian! Though I'll get to the dystopian part in the second book I believe. For now- let's just stick with the House, the people, the monsters, the Gen-C's.

  Oh yes and to make things even worse- there's The World. Here's a quote from Thy Broken Mind about The World taken from 017,  

"Lucia, this world is a twisted replica of the world we are from. Except, the sins we make there- creates monstrous forms that roam this world. The bigger the sin, the uglier the lie, the larger the monster."

And I think thats about it! This will be updated the longer I continue this book. Thank you~