Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wow Me Wednesday

The Raven King's Wife short

The Crow could be heard from a mile away. His strong voice shrieked, scaring everyone and everything in its path. His large form shadowed over the duskiness streets as he moved. He was coming, and she knew it.

The sun was already beginning to set and the night was ready to rise. She grinned her teeth together as she set her hand on the doorknob to the back door. "Do you hear him child!?" A heavy accent woman's voice carried throughout the one story home. "Yeah, I hear him." She huffed out. Her hand turned the doorknob and she pulled the door opened. She took a step out onto the porch. Her eyes, skimming through the dark open plains. She could hear his voice getting closer. She cringed, slightly shaking her head.

Finally, she pulled her body through the door and closed it. She gave out a sigh. Perhaps, he wouldn't show up? Perhaps, he didn't need her after all on the night of the crescent moon. As soon as she turned herself to face the door, the world rattled. A gust of wind took her breath away. She began coughing and gagging for air, before looking at his void filled form. He had landed on the back of the old rocking chair. His large red eyes gazed upon her human self.

"why hello my dear~! How nice of you to finally show up!" He spoke. "Demon..." She slithered out. "Come now dear, I am only here for your blood and that is all." He said. She reached her hand down and lifted up her dress. Revealing a knife was hidden in her boot. She snatched it and held it up at The Crow. "Oh god, are you going to try and kill us again?" He chortled. "Remember what happened last time you did that? you almost killed yourself as well as me! It does no good to harm me when it's just going to harm you. Besides, restoring my strength will give you back yours. I know you're low on it."

She shook her head slightly, "I hate you." Swiftly she rolled the knife across her skin. And so the blood began to pour. She marched over to The Crow and allowed the blood to drip onto his face. It mixed into his dark coat and sweated down to his wings. His body began to grow into that of a human man with large raven wings and dark red eyes.

"Happy?" She folded her arms across her chest. He examined his arms in awe, twisting his fingers about in the air. "Of course. I am always pleased to return to a natural state." He replied. "Good! Now you don't have to bother me for another month!" She hissed. She turned around and large black wings protruded out of her back.

"Remember, I will always be able to find my beautiful wife. No matter where you run or how far you go. I will ALWAYS find you."