Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Upcoming Stories for 2015


   So New Years is around the corner and hey, what better way to go into the new year but with some new stories. I have at least six brand new stories that I think maybe you should watch out for and see if they get published traditionally this time! Below are the list of stories:

Eleven O'Clock, is the comedy romance that I started when I saw an ice skating show featuring a live band. It was incredible and I wanted to write about this romance but its only comedy at the moment. Vic the main character who I adore, is a common gamer girl with a fiery personality. She does have a bad past that I don't think I will mention because I'd rather focus on her growing more than falling back. Following this main story are two side stories. (Expected pages; 200) Cover Made by Baily! :D

  • NOON, which is a Lesbian Comedy Romance between a waitress and a customer. The main character, Mari, is Vics best friend. They are very close and Mari even claims she picks up Vics bad habits of stalking the person she loves. Expected Pages: 200
  • Midnight, is the Gay Comedy Romance story between a bartender and a mysterious customer that comes in only at Midnight. Expected Pages: 200
All the stories are connected so it might turn out to be this huge drama romance but I kinda like it. I've never written a full on drama romance story like this with three different main characters. How am I going to do this? I have no idea. But if you want to check them out, click on the titles except for Midnight. I haven't gotten to writing that yet, oops

Thy Broken Mind, is a gothic dystopian horror story. Yep. It's more of a dark fantasy story that I actually hand write instead of type! The flow is a lot better when I write it. The main character who is titled Non Compos Mentis(one whose mind isn't right) or Lucifer. The story opens up in a House and kind of explains the wicked world around them. How there was a chemical in the air that affected the unborn babies inside mother's wounds and transformed their DNA and such. These "children" are called Generation-C. The C stands for Creativity because it is said due to this chemical the babies experienced a high rate of creative talent but the downfall is that they have the impulse to slaughter. I'll most likely write out the entire details of this but still. It's fun to write. Expected Pages: 250

The Snow Fairy, which is actually only featured on Penned. Surprisingly this is a YA Fantasy story. It's about a unique boy named Zed, who can fly and produce snow. In here Fairies, yeah no they're not good.

I wanted to keep the true definition of Fae inside Fairy but also add my own twist and turns. Fairies are evil. They are made up of deviance, hatred, and sin. There are also other magical creatures that I made up as I wrote it. The only reason why this isn't on Figment, is because I wanted to write a cellphone novel. When I do this, I know that I'm going to go back over it and fill in everything.
 Expected Pages: ????? Also btw, this is tragic. Yep. Tragic Romance Fantasy stuff going on in here.

Last is my Gothic Novel featuring a cellist. The Wolf.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with this. Like there's a man named Charles who was a cellist, he doesn't know how old he was, he talks about this girl he was in love with and he takes up a deal from a college student who wants to learn how to play the cello. He offers Charles a place to stay, but it ends up being trashy and Charles goes ballistic and cleans everything. I didn't expect my character to be a germaphobe. This is a depressing story with all those fun dark themes. Yey.

Hopefully, you've found a story to your liking because all of them are different. Except for ya know the Eleven O'Clock series. That's just romance comedy and class writing.