Monday, December 29, 2014

The Year a College Student became an Author


   The year 2014 has been absolutely amazing and unreal. I started out this year, sour actually. I was overworked because I was working on a trilogy that made absolutely no sense and I had not accomplished anything in 2013. I was forced by my parents to attend college. It was two weeks before the start date and the only thing I could say was, "Bring on that freight train." Because deep down, I was not ready one bit.

   One of my classes was cake design. This class was six hours long- on our feet baking and decorating cakes for the restaurant the culinary building contributed too. I learned a lot about baking, obtained some skills, ended up hating my ALS class from the bottom of my heart. This professor gave us so much work she just piled on. Her classes were boring and dry. Halfway through the semester I said, "Fuck it." And began doing things half ass in that class.

   Luckily it ended up that me half assing everything resulted in passing the class in flying colors. How the freak-I have no idea. My psychology clclass but I could've killed myself from attending accounting. Accounting started at 6pm-8:30pm on a Thursday and the next morning I had to wake up at 6am to attend my hellish Cake design class. Accounting homework took up say three to four days to finish, Cake Design homework was two hours of practicing piping work. You could see this chaos right? That was it for months. I had no life. Period.
ass was fun, easy

   So when college ended, I flew out of there like a bat out of hell. I couldn't even think about attending summer semester because I was done. I hadn't had fun in a long time and so began my writing spree. I've always written my entire life so it was no big deal. A week later I decided that it was time I began my 'writing career'. Trust me, I laughed at myself because I knew this was going to be a horrible trainwreck.

  I went back and found my old Figment account I made back in 2012. Found the few stories I had written. Started a Twitter and pretty much improvised the rest of the way. During this time, Penned had asked me on Twitter if I could do a guest post and they'll feature my story. Is what I thought. I made this blog, made an email that I'll later in life forget and did the guest blog.

They featured my story My Neighbor The Devil. Cool that wasnt so bad!
"Sweet! I caught someone's interest at an early age."

  Not so long after that, The Music Girl was born. Of course, it was born out of the imagination of Flowers In The Attic. Never thought much about it. I knew I wanted it to be written in the form of a poem and I'll speak about this later or make a blog post about it.

  Anyway I gained some fans who later became friends and continued trucking! I also gained a certain someone who helps me with my work. But within this three months, I grew. In writing more or less. Even though growing up isnt something I enjoy I still did it. Not personality wise tho- I'll always be weird.

  Suddenly, college started up! I was mentally prepared for fall college now. I choose my classes; creative writing, where my professor and classmates became people I enjoyed being with and for the first time, being open with my work.

   Accounting this time a higher one that I could never live without. My professor taught me more about life, common sense, and how people were than math.

  I also took Beginning Piano because truthfully, I had never played the piano. Yeah, I wrote about someone who played the piano but this was because I had been in Orchestra! I watched, I listened, and I felt. This time I wanted to know how to play and so I did. I ended up passing the class and becoming the teacher's favorite student. Oh god she would compliment me each and every time I played. Sometimes I thought I was Miss Music and that's probably because she was based on nonfiction attributes in my life.

  I realized when college started up, I wouldnt have time to write The Music Girl. So I ended it. At an accidental cliff hanger at that! Whoops that wasnt my fault, it was because I was busy. Months continued, I edit the work I did. Held up with my classwork, chores, social media of being a "writer".

This was my twitter count around Halloween

This is me now

November came along and I was pulled into doing NaNoWriMo. I didnt think I could make it but I did.
I struggled my ass off though

Two weeks because December started I seriously sighed and told myself, "I want to publish The Music Girl. Not on a random day, but on a day that is special. December 12th." If you read the book, or even the draft December 12th is her birthday. Ares had given it to her for a reason I will most likely say in Book Two.

  But, there was something that stood in my way. Finals. My finals were two weeks long- oh yeah. A wonderful two week long Final filled with exams. I didnt actual think I was going to make the publishing date but I did! Like what?

  Now Im sitting here, December 29th, a member of Basilica Press who promotes writers works for free. I have published a book thats on Amazon, Barnes and Nobels, etc...Going into 2015 as some weird panda loving author.

What a nice trip hue?