Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Horror Story 3

[I still question these blurbs that will one day come together to make a full novel. Maybe next year]

"Oh. So you're here too huh?" That familiar voice spoke from beyond the wall. "Never thought you'd get caught for your crimes." "Well look what I hear! A prestigious bitch from the depths of Hell! It's nice to see you too." I replied. "Cut the shit mad-man. Are you in here to grab it too?" "Seem to have lost it Carmina? Like you spoke, I was caught. What ever came out of your mouth after was absolute nonsense." "Fine." she snipped, "I'll take your word for it." The silence filled each of our rooms. My head slowly fell back onto the crease of the wall and my eyes descended, glueing together from the lack of rest. My body felt like sleeping; though my mind- however- was a different story. I could hear the door to my cell open with the clinging of keys. My curious eyelids created small slits, watching the door swift open but to my surprise, no one came in. It was as if an apparition had waltzed in. Though I knew it wasnt of the sort- but my very mind. My mind was releasing me from the prison in which my body was slumped in.

 I chuckled, "Come now. That isnt fair." But the I in the room did not listen. Darkness had covered over the doorway, causing my stomach to flutter. Soon the voices filled the room with unearthly noises that I couldnt follow. Now I was fully aware of what was about to happen. A pair of long pale sticky arms swerved out of the doorway. They clutched around my ankles and began reeling me in. My legs attempted to kick them away but they were too strong. And so I lost the battle against