Saturday, November 22, 2014

Random Horror Story(?) 2

Her ivory colored eyes gaped up at me, filled with strength and passion. "I dont belong here in this place. I'm not one of you all. I was falsely accused." Her voice spoke. My left eyebrow raised up in amusement of her foolish act, "So? That is what you may speak but who knows if what you say is truth or false." "I'm serious." Her face frowned. "Ok, let us say you are serious about what you tell. Why are you asking the help of a mad-man?" "Because they say that you are the smartest." She clutched her pale hands together, "You're the most intelligent out of the Gen-C children." I chuckled, "Gen-C. I am not part of those people. I'm just a schizophrenic serial killer who loves humans little girl."

[this goes hand in hand with the first random horror story I wrote way back whenever]