Friday, June 13, 2014

The Music Girl

   So there's this new story I just made! Well it isnt a story, more like a poem you know. Its a detailed poem story that has a lot of meaning behind it. Some of the words in the poem are metaphors for something bigger and what she describes in her life and her past. Something unique to put out there you know? Anyway this poem story is about a young woman who was locked up in an attic by her jealous mother. Its like snow white except her mother locked her away because she was so beautiful. She's out now, but I wont reveal anything about this poem!

   Anyway she knows how to play the piano by hearing only and near her is a college of music and arts for prestigious students with talent. She finds the theatre room and starts playing the piano there. But a man finds her and she runs away. Though the plotline has a lot of room to grow, it will, its just simple for right now.

Anyway the song Im listening to right now while writing this is Rameses B- Moonlight! Luckily, one of my favorite youtube channels released this song and that is MrSuicideSheep.