Saturday, December 13, 2014


We have this old nintendo arcade machine that we still play even when I was young. There was this game called 1942 that I loved and still love but theres something about this game that still makes me laugh. I was young, imagination vast and weird. So I made up this story line that went with this game that still holds dear to me today when I play it.

'In 1942,

The world has been overtaken by M.O.T.H.E.R. All the children in the world have had their brains washed and now work for MOTHER in destroying parts of the world. But, one person stands in her way. Her own child who has turned against her evil ways! Defeating all the flights of siblings(the small planes), Older Brother(Medium Size Plans) and Younger Sister(grey colored medium size plans), the child stands before mother and attempts to defeat her!'

Yes, this is what little five year old Kain thought of while playing this game. I always thought of Mother, as the large plane you have to defeat once to twice in each level as some angry woman who hated the fact that her own child has turned against her and tries to kill it. Its weird. I know.