Thursday, August 7, 2014

When Writers Write

I thought this was interesting when I realized I had started doing it and thought maybe I should share it. .

 So, not too long ago, I started writing a very dark Gothic poem-story called The Music Girl. If you hadn't heard of it, its something that I'm thinking about getting published either eBook or actual publication. Its a series of a story written like a poem that tells of a story. Each chapter is either short or long, depending on whats going on in them.

Anyway, you know when you start writing a new story- you never have much expectation for it to go anywhere. Well, I usually don't. That is because stories can either crash down to the ground, attempt to murder you with its demanding 'Write. Me. NOW.' then you get tired and your mind goes blank for years until you look threw the overwhelming folder that has at least 200+ writings inside (either completed or incomplete), or its just for splurge of the moment. But when I started this I had zero expectations that this will go anywhere. Hell, even be noticed! Before this poem-story, I had written another one but decided not to upload all of it because I assumed people wouldn't like it or even understand it. That's where I was completely wrong.

There's one rule all writers should know(or I think so) and that is; Never assume what people are going to like and dislike. Its like making food and serving it to people- not knowing if its good or not. Anyway I saw people enjoyed this concoction that I threw together and this story rose from being just a 'splurge of the moment' to being what I love to write. Wrote the first ten chapters on my laptop but suddenly, it died. When I mean it died, I meant it wouldn't charge because the charger port was broken.

I decided to move my writing to my desktop which is located inside my office. My desktop is considered my back up- just in case everything goes wrong I still have something. But what was most surprising to me was that I started writing this story better than I did when I was on my laptop. I saw myself get more into a dark story that had a serious plot-line, real life situations that are considerably fucked up, and magical moments- rather than the crack comedy/dark horror/weird fantasy/lets-mix-all-the-genres-I-can-write-into-one-huge-story I usually write. My mind wondered into that one place every writer goes to, except this time it went further than I had ever seen my mind go. The words flow out easier than normal, you almost 'black out' everything surrounding you. Your breathing gets slower, shallow almost, and your mind becomes clear. Its like you've become your main character and their feelings are flowing inside you. Whatever you're thinking, becomes your main characters words, situations, life, everything.

But then someone disturbs you and then you completely have a fucking heart attack. Your heart burst threw your chest, slamming up against the desk and you are suddenly smacked with reality. There's that sudden rush that I can describe only as a roller-coaster with an unexpected drop. You are sitting there, pondering what the hell just happened. Last time this happened to me, I laughed because I was shaking so hard I had to sit back in my chair, waiting for it to go away. Then I thought, "This must be the feeling when writers write something thats powerful, magical, amazing."