Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Neo-Nana's history & Jonas De Ro

Neo-Nana is the futuristic city in When It Rains. Imagine adding Italy's Venice and tron together. The reason why I made it into a futuristic city that literally runs on electricity, unless it rains, is because its different. Im not very good with Sci-fi genre, I actually couldnt figure out how to do technology within a story for anything, as well as western but we're not gonna go there right now. It was something fun to do as well because fff who else would write a city with bright lights, all day everyday, people teleporting from the floor up, and old school food restaurants that has a lesbian and a straight couple in it along with some magical fantasy bullshit? But still, I couldnt have wrote about this city without the inspiration of Jonas De Ro again. His "Neo" art really helped me made Neo-Nana come true along with its history. Neo-Nana had the structure of Italy's Venice, except it was called Nana. Water cannals, beautiful landscape until one day someone came along and said "This old city will be turned into something gold. And gold means electricity." He began creating the city into this futuristic neon typed buildings with floors that moved. They began making this city bigger, expensive, hyper, and beautiful. Neo-Nana was born and so the tourist came, wanting to see the new city where robots, cyborgs, and cute icons controlled the city. But they didnt generate enough money to make the entire city into Neo. So they left some of the old Nana structures. There may be more when I think of more xD But if you see Joonas around, give him some love for me <3