Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Guest Post "Penned"!


    Everyone has heard of cell phone novels right? It started back in Japan in the early 2003's, where people would write these extravagant novels and soon it started to spread world wide, becoming one of the post trendiest things you could do! If you watch Anime, or even read Manga "Mirai Nikki" is one of the most popular anime for about three years, staring a boy who writes a novel telling the future of his entire life. Crazy right? Well here comes something similar to it but it doesn't have the whole fantasy concept to it.

It called Penned and its the most amazing writing app you'll ever see! To the left is the icon of the app when you download it on your iPhone or with me, I downloaded it on my iPad which works just as good as it on the iPhone. Now I'm very particularly with writing a novel on a phone. During the years 08-09, I had written a romance novel about a very popular singer falling in love with a man who use to be a male prostitute. Each and every title was the name of a song I based the chapter on. It was quiet fun, everyday writing about over 3,000 words just sitting there for hours knowing that people flock over to such an unusual story.

On this site people use to "like" it by the amount of views you would get. But, something tragic happened. My phone crashed and I had lost all 100,000 words of this peculiar novel and the app had disappeared after I restarted my phone. I forgot the name of it, I couldn't get it back for nothing. I was depressed and sad that I had lost such a good thing. After that I had promised myself that I would never, ever, in my entire life would go back to writing a cellphone novel. Until Penned came to me and asked me to be on their site. I was enthralled but also frightened because I had never done such a thing before. A new author being asked to me on a site, dear god, my heart was pounding. I said yes in the end, knowing that Penned is way much better than that old site I used back in the day. Now here's my overview of Pennedapp, and what I liked about it.

On top is the first page you come to when you download this app. This app brings reader, writer, and social media all under one single app. With this app you can share your stories on Twitter, Facebook, and link your blog or website to your readers so they can read more of your work. I linked mine with my own Twitter account. On the left is a snap shot of my account that does have my Twitter name, and description as well as my blog. There you can see the stories, how many followers, how many you're following and your favorites. Remember this is on the iPad, not the iPhone so things might be a little different from yours and mine.

I currently haven't had the time to anything with mine but I will soon! Though the most thing that I was really surprised at with this app is the amount of genres they have! Really like I was at awe how many they have. A lot of my friends write a certain genre and that is; Fan Fiction as well as myself. This means that even my own friends that I've known for years can download this and write as much as they want on there. Its always nice to have friends on a site that you're new too. It gives you that sense of comfort and not the sense that you're jumping out of a plane without a parachute.
I can even check out their activity on the right hand side, my own activity and what I've recently read! There's also this 2,000 word limit when writing a story on Penned but 2,000 words is enough per chapter. You can add your title, description, the multiple genres that they have. Down below are the icons that I should explain what they are. From Left to Right, the first button is the back button. Heads you straight back to where ever you came from. The next button are your own list of tags that you can create. After that is the writing button! Their writing format is easy to use. Then the stats I was telling you about and finally the about you page.

Finally all the genres I couldn't wait to show you. I took snapshots of the genres that I thought were amazing. By the way, there's two main genres and then there's the multiple sub genres. Fiction is still fiction and Truth is the nonfiction.

Paranormal is my name <3.
 But hey I may write something embarrassing or even just speak about it in the Friday videos.
There was actually a section of a picture I completely forgot about and that was the YouTube video section.

Psychology man! Nothing like mentally screwing up your readers.
But do you see it? The Loki Fanfic genre. Gotta give some love towards that.

They have S&M. Now I don't know about you, but my male best friend loves writing this genre and he's going to be completely all over this when I tell him about it. For me personally the supernatural genre is my love.

Ah, the Dreams. Something I have never seen in other writing communities.
I wanted to write about the constant dream I use to have as a child, and the recent one that almost made me cry. Never knew where I would be able to place it until now. Though the odd short story I have planned in the next month, will be in the Tragic Romance genre. I didn't know Romance could be so tragic in the first place.

Horror, one of the most uncanny genres I write in.
You'll see a lot of my writing in that for the next many years which I hope that Penned last that long.

Fantasy and Romance!  "When It Rains" will be in this genre when I finish the draft.
But once again, Penned as amazed me with the Song Lyrics genre. Ever seen that before?

This completely concludes the overview of Penned! Check it out, and guess what? Its Free to download! This site really is for new authors looking for a crowd of people and social media. Thank you for reading and I'll see you on Penned! -KB