Friday, May 30, 2014

Chapter One

    They say you're suppose to love your neighbor right? Will you still love your neighbor when seeing steamy red hot human blood seeping through the crack of your wall? Drizzling slowly like eyes that stare down you like death. Will you love your neighbor when they come over to serve you a sandwich claiming they bought the meat from the supermarket? But the grim reality is that they just cooked flesh and muscle of the human they mutilated a day ago? To still love your neighbor when they kill just for the sake of entertainment?... None the less... I hate my neighbor

Recipe One: The Pink Cake

     “Ding-dong~” The sound of a doorbell will soon be the sound I dread the most. I was living here for five years and during that time no one lived in the flat next to mine, that is until two months ago. When I first met him I thought he was nice. He came to me as a collage student that had his parents pay for his flat as he attended school. He gave me a neighborly gift which seemed rare these days so I had labeled him as... nice. It was until the first time I heard a large thump come from his flat. I curiously placed my ear up against the walls that separated our flats. Two more loud thumps came after that and soon blood started to seep through the floor boards and into my flat. I thought to myself "Oh my god!" until I heard my doorbell ring.

"Go away!" I said but obviously did nothing. I heard a large slam at the front door that seem to shake me to my core. I can feel him staring at me with the eyes of the devil that raged in the color of gold. He was not inside yet but I could still feel his looming gaze all around me. I didn’t want to answer it. I wanted to pretend that I wasn’t home. That peculiar boisterous slam he does when I don’t answer my door, and the feeling that he’s staring right at me. I ended up answering the door to a blood covered fiend. I regretted it to this day. “What?” I finally answered the door and there he stood. His golden eyes glaring at me, the dark pink hair color that normally changes and the casual clothes he loves to wears. “I baked you this delicious cake.” He said as I looked down at the neon pink cake he held in his hands. He extended the cake out more towards me as if he wanted me to take a better look at the cake he baked with ever loving care. “I don’t want it” I said about to slam the door. However I found I could not shut the door all the way. Looking down I saw he had wedge his foot into the door to prevent me from shutting him out. “I said I baked you a cake. Now accept it graciously like a good fucking neighbor or else I will rip out your goddamn intestines out of your body and strangle you with it!” He threatened obviously having no patience today. I opened the door and decided to put on a facade of joy to prevent his threat from coming true.

“Oh! How RUDE of me to reject you! Come on in fiend!” I chuckled as he strolled into my flat. The thing about him is that he looks absolutely harmless, extremely gentle, and really easy to approach. “What kind of cake is it demon?” I questioned as he trotted into the kitchen like he owned the place. “What did you call me?” he turned around and asked. I hummed “Nothing~” pretending as if I did not just tease the other. He shook off the demon comment and spoke “To answer your question, it’s a delicious pink cake!” he answered me while going to the kitchen to grab a knife from one of the drawers. “Pink cake? I don’t remember pink being a flavor.” I sighed as I sat down on the couch giving up on the thought of him leaving any time soon. I waited for him as he got a plate and cute me a slice.

“Pink is the new flavor!” he slammed the plate of pink cake in front of me. I looked down at the slice he placed in front of me “Oh god you did not…” I uttered as I looked up at him realizing what the cake was made out of. “I have to get rid of the evidence somehow don’t I?” he smiles innocently, “Besides, you can hardly taste anything in this batch!” The thought that I couldn't taste the special ingredient in the cake did not comfort me at all “Yeah but the last fucking batch of ‘pastries’ you made tasted just like blood.” “I promise this is better than the last~.” He sang. Ever since I opened that door, he’s been feeding me his victims from making them out of pastries. Yes that's right. I’ve become his cannibal experiment but it isn’t like I wanted to. He’s implanted bombs inside my families home, has hidden cameras inside my flat just to make sure I haven’t called the police, and other things I don’t know about. Though, despite all of that, I have tried to break free of his grasp. I thought of several plans to make it so that he is arrested and each time he found out, I ended up getting what he called, ‘warning marks’. He would grab a knife and cut me several times to make me feel pain. After a while of constant agony I stopped trying and went along with it.

“How is it?” he questioned as he sat down on the other couch. He leaned in closer as ate, watching my lips move. At this point it is harder for me to feel disturbed by anything, much less him being so close “It is better than the last but I can still taste a little bit of blood.” I admitted. “Is that so?” he gawked at me. He leaned back and started thinking about adjustments to the recipe “Hm…more vanilla would help.” I nodded my head “Yeah,” and continued to eat the cake. “Oh that reminds me! I need your help~.” “With what?” I inquired. “I want a job” He decided. I sneered “Oh god…” He shook his head and chuckled before answering “Its not what you’re thinking Mike! I just want a job cause there’s this type of amazing blender that's for seven hundred dollars and I want it so bad!!” he explained. Other than deceiving people with his looks he's also a bit odd. I looked at him “Seriously…?” I asked before placing the rest of the cake back on the table.

“I’m so serious.” He said. The thought of him working was still impossible for me, so I asked “Cant you ask your parents?” “I did but they’re not helping. Tsk, bastards…I should end their lives but that’ll come later.” I folded my arms and shook my head, disapproving of his last comment “Planning on ending the people that brought you in this world? How sick.” I said. He changed the topic suddenly “Oh by the way there’s been cops around this place” He smiled, “Seems as if those detectives are on to something.” I stood up from my seat and stared at him “That's why you want the blender…To Blend up your victims?! You’re more sick in the head than I thought!” Staring right back at me with those golden eyes he talked back to me “Like you’re the one to talk. You’re sitting there enjoying a fresh baked human cake.”

Glaring at him I simply said “I hate you…” “So find me a part time job that pays well! I’ve got class to go too.” He took out his cell and looked at it, “Oh! I spent too much time talking to you! I’m going now~. I better see you when I come back.” He threatens me before he leaves my flat and I sighed heavily. Why do I have to find a job for him? Cant he find his own damn job? My cell started to ring and I answered it with a “What?” Thinking it was the demon. “Don’t what me Michael!!” Mary Highland, my boss shouted. “I'm so sorry ma’am! I thought you were my friend!” I apologized. Did I just say friend referring to that demon? She already sounded a little ticked off as she spoke over the phone. “Sure you did! You better be grateful that I need you right now or else I would’ve cut your pay for that what.” She threatened. Yes you heard that right. She’s the type of person that’ll cut your pay if you do anything to her.

“I'm extremely grateful to you Mrs. Highland! What is it that you need me to do?” I asked moving to my desk already searching for a pen and paper in case I needed to write anything down. “I need you to come into work today. Joseph called in sick and I need someone to fill in his shift.” Nodding I asked “I can do that. What time do you need me to come in at?” “In thirty minutes” She said.

“Alright I can be there” I said before hanging up the phone. I wonder if he would want to work at the bar? Probably not. He would say its too low class for him and I would have to see him every single day of my sad life. That would drive me insane. Maybe he would do well as a baker? Then again, I don’t think I would want Lucifer working at a public place. He’s just that twisted to where he would feed not just me but everyone his delicious pastries and when they ask him what is his secret to his delicious pastries he’d answer, “It’s the love I give from my heart that makes them so delicious.” Meaning, it’s the heart from other people that make it so delicious. Maybe he’d do well as a cashier but I recall him telling me about the creepy man that stares at him whenever he enters. As much as I want him to suffer, I don’t want him to suffer by the hands of some other creep. I sighed thinking he was a little fucker.

After a while I had finally made it to the bar. Upon entry I heard a friendly familiar voice. “Mike!” My friend and coworker JT shouted. I looked over at him and waved to him completely forgetting that I had gotten ready so quickly arrived already. I moved behind the large bar with all the pretty colors of the alcohol bottles. There were some customers in front of me, chatting away with their friends. Finally I had noticed that JT was shouting at me for a while “Yes?” I answered him in a soft tone of voice finally giving him my full attention. “What’s up with you? You’ve been spacing out the entire time!” he said. I sighed, “Its my neighbor” I admitted. “You mean the old lady with the dog?” he asked. “No. I have a new neighbor that moved in to the flat on the right of me, 706.” I said as if telling him that information was draining enough since I had to remember Lucifer.

“I didn’t know this information! Why didn’t you say anything!? I would’ve loved to meet her” He smiled as I felt somewhat jealous of his blissfully unawared state of my neighbor. Rolling my eyes I corrected him “It isn’t a girl, it’s a guy.” “I can swing both ways if they’re hot.” He smirked. “Don’t make me slap the shit out of you.” I said, “Anyway he wants a job and asked me to find one for him” I said as I started getting ready for my shift and grabbed a glass and a cloth. “Seems like you guys are friends already!” Friends? No, more like I'm an everyday all day hostage forced to do things he wants. “Well you know there’s that job as a convenience store worker.” He suggested and immediately I imagined that devil working behind the counter at a local 8-Days store and some person in a black hockey mask decides to rob the store. A gun to a serial killer's face… Maybe that would work? He would be killed instantly because he would try to kill that person! Or would he…?

I snapped out of thought when I heard JT welcoming another guest to the bar “Welcome!” JT shouted at a woman with medium length brown hair that dragged herself into the bar. You could tell she was having a really rough day by the way she held her head down, she was sniffling before she could even sit down on one of the stools and when she did sit down, she broke down crying even more. “Ma’am is there something wrong?” I questioned her as I leaned over the bar. Gently she nodded her head to a slow yes. Because she was so upset, I made her something that I thought would cheer her up. “Here, a Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream drink right on the house for you!” I handed her a small shot glass and she looked at it. Her eyes were a dark red color from crying too much. Quickly she snatched the glass and drunk it.

“Thank you…” she croaked as she sat back in the seat and I smiled. Her face was petite for her body but you could tell she was at least two years older than me. “In…In any chance have you seen this man?” she handed me a flyer of a missing person, “He’s my older brother and he’s been missing since two nights ago without a trace! The police thought at first he might’ve ran away but he cant just run away! He has a family, a loving wife, a child and me!” she screeched. Missing…? The smile of the devil came to my mind and I cringed. I most likely, if anything, ate this person. “I…I’m sorry. I haven’t seen this person but I’ll ask my boss to put the fliers around the bar.” I said, feeling my throat dry up and it was hard to swallow. I started to feel sick to my stomach. The thought of eating someone… a family member…a friend…a loved one…sickened me to death. “Hey Mike, are you feelin' alright?” JT questioned, “You look kinda pale there buddy.” “Its nothing.” I exhaled deeply as I took the fliers from the woman’s hand.

“Thank you very much” The woman said. I shook my head “Its no problem. How about another drink for you ma’am?” “Yes I’d like another one.” She nodded her head. “Coming right up then.” I smiled as I started making her a new drink. I’ve decided that, I'm going to try and break free from his grasp again. I want him to be caught by the police and by those detective that’s been on the news lately. The one whose been with each and every victim’s families, calling them out, pleading to who ever has the person. “Whats your name miss?” I asked her. “Eliza” She said as she sipped her drink. She sniffled a few times and calmed down enough to continue speaking “Whats yours?” “Michael” I answered before my eyes catch the sight of Mrs. Highland walking across the room. “Mrs. Highland! Would you come here for a moment?” I called her out and her wrinkly old face twitched in utter annoyance. Mrs. Highland normally has a pretty good attitude but it seemed like something happened. She quickly walked over “What is it Michael?” she questioned. “Mrs. Highland, is it alright to hand out these fliers for a missing person?” I asked her. She examined Eliza from head to toe, seeing that she’s been crying and sighed depressingly.

“Sure Michael.” She grabbed the fliers off the bar, “There’s been to many people disappearing lately! Its such a shame! Those cops better be doin something about it!” she shook her head. Just then the door to the bar opened again and a man in uniform came in “And we are!” the stranger cried out as he came to the bar slammed his hands down on the surface angrily, “We’re doing all we can to stop this and no matter what…”
“Well then try harder!” was what I wanted to shout out but didn’t. I could see those eyes gazing at me… watching me… As if I said anything I would die instantly. The uniformed man then left the bar in silence and Eliza sighed. “I’ll go hang these up!” Mrs. Highland waved the fliers in the air. “Mike! How rude of you to not drink with Miss Eliza!” JT shouted at me. I chuckled “Of course! How rude of me Eliza. Would you like to have a drunk with me?” I offered while turning my attention towards her. She looked at me for a moment “Isnt it bad for bartenders to drink with their customers?” Eliza questioned. “Normally it is but this isn’t a normal bar after all. Mrs. Highland personally picked out bartenders who have high tolerance for alcohol and we can drink with our customers.” I explained and she finally gave a smile. “Alright” She said grabbing her glass. She stayed around only for a few hours but I was at peace with her around. I haven’t felt peaceful since the day he came around.

“Did you get her number?” JT questioned and I sighed. “Its not like that. She’s a very nice woman and…” before I could finish I was interrupted by abrupt laughter “Ahaha! Oh you’re such a sweet kid!” I hear Mrs. Highland still cackling. “I get that a lot from beautiful ladies like yourself.” A familiar voice said and my head swings over to the right. “Michael!” Mrs. Highland shouted and I gulped hard as I saw the devil was standing right next to her, smiling that sweet smile, and talking that sweet talk. “Your friend came to pick you up!” she continued. “Uh huh…” my right eyebrow lifted up as he smiled. “Who is this?” JT questioned as he pointed to the devil. “Kasmir…this is Kasmir.” I said.

“Oh Mike you’re going to love this!” the demon says, “Mrs. Highland here has a sister that needs help at the local library she owns. She needed someone who was kind.” Lie. I thought to myself. “Friendly.” Lies. “And who’s absolutely wonderful!” More Lies!!! So many lies!! No one knows the true nature of this demon!!

“That's wonderful Kasmir! Are you going to be working full-time?” I smiled the best that I could even though I had to force it. “No just part time like I wanted.” He said, “I was just telling Mrs. Highland here that I'm a pastry major and that you tell me I'm always making good pastries.” Well I cant say they are delicious because I haven’t had one that didn’t contain human inside it. “Yes they are! But um, Kasmir, I get off in three hours so you’re going to go back home.” Yes, do that because you’re kind of like cyanide, without the happiness slowly killing everyone around you. “Actually I'm going to let you off work early! It is supposed to be your day off and Joan would be willing to work the rest of the shift.” Mrs. Highland said.

“Yeah, sure I am!!” Joan shouted from the back room. “Seriously!? Thank you ma’am!” I said. “Don’t thank me Michael! Thank your friend for being so sweet! Make sure to give me some cheesecake alright Kasmir darling?” Mrs. Highland patted him on the back. “I’ll have Mike bring it! Now lets go.” Kasmir smiled at me.
We exited out of the bar and I was exhausted from dealing with customers but I was glad I got away from its grasp but currently it is humming a familiar funeral march. “Alright! I’ll bite! Why the hell do you seem so happy?” I finally asked him. “I'm happy because I was going to stab you while you were at work but found your boss who told me that I can call this number and get an interview.” He held up a single piece of paper, “This just means that I can finally work towards my blender and…” Suddenly something caught his eye and he smiled. “Hello!” he strolled over to a pair of women that were walking the opposite from us. He started to chat with them and they started to laugh before following him over to me. “Hey you should be grateful that your friend is such a smooth talker for you or else we wouldn’t have even looked twice at you!” one of the pair says and I chuckled nervously.

“Mike we’re going to take these fine ladies out for a drink or two! On us~.” Kasmir says and I had a horrible feeling about it. We eventually did take the pair of ladies out for a drink and it was as if I had drunk too much. I started to loose grip of my senses and I passed out. I woke up several times during the night after somehow making it back but I wasn’t in my flat. The smell of apples, cider, and honey was in the air but the high pitch scream of a woman ruined the aura. Something screamed and screamed the sounds of the ax hitting the floorboards and then I passed out again. When I woke up, the smell had changed into a mixture of apples, berries, and thick blood. All spread out of the floorboards were pools of dark red blood, human bones in a pile to the right and there in the kitchen humming a cheerful song was the devil. He lifted up a large axe and sliced something that then slopped on to the floor. “Oh! Mike, you’re finally awake!” he slammed the axe down and exhaled, almost as if he had worked the entire time I was asleep.

“W…What the hell happened!? What did you do!? Kasmir…” I stuttered. “I knew that powder a friend gave me would knock you out. Well, while you were in a drunk state, the other two woman who’s named I cant remember for shit, got extremely drunk. I took you three two my place and killed the two ladies” He explained, “Because I took up a double this place is a mess!” “Oh god I think I'm going to be sick…” I started to gag. “Hey! Look at me! You are not going to throw up!” he shouted at me, “Here…” he marched over to the fridge. When he opened it, I took a glimpse inside it and there was a head standing on the second rack with tomatoes as eyes. He pulled out a long drink holder and tossed it at me. “Drink it.” He ordered. “It’s a special Boba tea I made for you.” “I’m…I’m going to my room now…” I slurred heavily as I crawled towards the door with the drink holder in my hand. “I’ll come by later~! I'm going to give you some more Pink Cake!” he smiled and I just sighed. I really do scorn you Kasmir…